Tuning in, tuning out, becoming numb

My husband hates it when I watch TV.

Mind you, I have never in my adult life owned a TV.  And I really never watched much either.  Sure, we’d have movie nights, or get together with some friends to watch the program du jour, but never with  regularity.  So I can see how my new habit surprises him.

I’ve never had a TV, but I have (almost) always had a computer.  And along came internet TV.  And hulu and netflix on demand…

And after that, infertility.

I have NEVER had as big an appetite for television as I do now.  (The same is true of novels.)  I feel a strong need to escape my story and get into someone else’s.  And TV sitcoms are so easy!  You just need a twenty some odd minutes, and you can add to that in increments.   I might sit down to watch 1 or 2 and end up watching 3 or 4.  I can see how that would bother him, but I also now how good it feels to temporarily escape, to some happy place where funny things happen and situations resolve over the course of the program. Somehow, novels and suduko don’t quite match up.


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